25 Oct 2023
New Trade Item Page
Dear players,   A new page was added to our website.   You will be able to trade items like Gold ...
13 Oct 2023
New Store Page
Dear players,   A new store has been added to our website to provide faster-paced content for the ones who ...
03 Oct 2023
Cryptic Throne Release
We are thrilled to announce the grand and eagerly-awaited opening of Cryptic Throne (07/10), coming this Saturday's ...
13 Sep 2023
Experience the Value of Daily Connectivity
We're thrilled to introduce a brand-new daily feature that promises to make your Shaiya experience even more ...
25 Aug 2023
Introducing our Trade Gold system
Hello dear players,   We have been monitoring how the Shaiya Points were used throughout the time we had the ...
26 Jul 2023
Welcome to Shaiya Classic
Dear players,   A new era will start for our beloved Classic, which has had the highest record of players ...