Development Update

Over the past weeks, updates have been alongside its initial goal which was to update the game directly, a lot of performance benchmarks were made, and more specifically, updates were made to provide a better and more stable environment for players.

The maps are now getting another look to see if there's a possibility to instance them to produce a faster loading and better responsiveness, which could be seen as a little extra, but we will always take what can be taken.

We completed the major necessary milestones to provide better query executions in our database, better datasets for synchronization, and many more.

This has been shown to improve the game's server latency and the website's responsiveness.

A recent update was benchmarked and we decided to come up with the results of our progress based on the average bandwidth as seen in the picture.


This has further shown that the performance increase has been significant, but the more, the better. Our team will continue to monitor these layers to see where we can improve and provide you with more stable gameplay.

Development updates might be released once a month from now on, as this might interest some of our players.


Best Regards,

Shaiya Classic Staff Team