Cryptic Throne Release
18 Apr 2023
Dear players,   On the 30th of April, we will release our final gears: Goddess 50-53, meaning that Cryptic ... Read More »
Lapis LV6 Release
06 Apr 2023
Dear players,   We are happy to announce that we will have our Lapis Lv6 release coming to this Sunday ... Read More »
An Important Poll
04 Apr 2023
Dear players,   We invite every one of you to join our Discord to participate in one of the most important ... Read More »


EXP Boost
08 Apr 2023
Dear players,   We'll have an EXP boost starting from now on till Monday. Profit of this occasion to ... Read More »
Lottery Prize - x3 Perfect Linking Hammer
06 Apr 2023
Get your tickets from our Lottery system and have a chance of winning 3 Perfect Linking Hammer!   We wish ... Read More »
The Only & Unique Mount
20 Mar 2023
Get your hands on the rarest mount & the only one existing by using our Lottery system from the ... Read More »


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