Welcome to Shaiya Classic

Dear players,


A new era will start for our beloved Classic, which has had the highest record of players recorded.

A bunch of balancing patches have been done to help the variety of classes and systems have been made to help to keep players a chance to prosper and become successful in the server.


Donations have been refunded to all players.

We recommend trying this out as there are a lot of exciting changes that you need to test!


A few changes will be made throughout the server's longevity and we'll ensure to make monthly patches rather than weekly patches to keep the fun for everyone.


The timer was added to the website's homepage to ensure that everyone will start at the same time.


Make sure to check out our new features by going to the Server Information tab, and once again!

All classes are worth it. So make sure to enjoy the variety and to play anything you want to play.


Best Regards,

Shaiya Classic Staff Team